Thursday, October 2, 2014

The GM Games Warehouse is Restocked

After massive demands fell upon the GM staff, we worked hard through out the past week to create more Manors.  Hands ached, fingers bled and eyes blurred with exhaustion.  Once we completed the long hours of construction it was discovered the GM Games warehouse could no longer hold the contents.  We sat around pondering the problem.  Oh, what to do?  Day turned into night, night into day and it was then that a voice from the back row of staff members said in a quiet, almost embarrassed voice, "What if we stood the zines on end?"  It was as if a chorus angels of sang.  So for the next 12-hours they worked to rearrange the GM Game warehouse.  In the end, even exhausted, they smiled because they knew this was good.  And it was good.


  1. Heh. That looks like it needs to come live at my house.

  2. Are you planning on bringing any copies of The Manor to sell at CotC?