Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top 3 Campaigns I Have Played In

Over at 5 Stone Games the post today was, What are the Three Best Campaigns You've Played In?  I thought it was a great question and I loved his answers.  Here are my top three.

3. Arthurian Mixed with the Crusades
This is a campaign I ran.  It lasted for three years.  We took a couple of break here and there, but it was a steady group.  This campaign did have an end game.  This was a heroic campaign with no mages.  There was magic, lots of it, but it was possessed by creatures or things.  No one was shooting fireballs out of their ass and lightning bolts from their nipples.  None of that.  No clerics wiping the asses of bleeding adventurers.  This was hardcore, metal on metal.  Bash the son of bitch in front of you until he stops moving.  There was a lot of political maneuvering, ancient evils (none of them had tentacles), ambitious creatures of power with armies and a small boy who was hung for trying to steal a saint's finger bone to take home to his sick mother.  And in the end, that boy, a boy who was killed two sessions into a 3-year campaign became the most important event.

2. Torrin the Red Hand/Slice Handler
I'm cheating, so what?  I'm putting these together because my good friend Dwayne, ran both of these.
  Slice Handler was a product of Unearth Arcana when it was first released.   He murderized people with his daggers.  He was the first and only character where I rolled an 18/00 strength.  Then he had a 17 dexterity.  We were using the 4d6 roll so having a bunch of high stats was easy.  While Slice was a machine gun Dwayne got his jollies by teasing Slice with bird women, those damn saving throws I could never make and having Slice go on a quest to put together a sword with 12 shards that took a long time only to have Orcus show up, take it from me and just for the shits and giggles, leave behind a bunch a undead to eat my head.  It took me months to search and combine the sword to only have it for 2.341 seconds.  Bastard.  But it was a TON of a fun.  It was probably one of the more comical campaigns I'd played in.

In contrast Torrin the Red Hand was a GURPS character that played in Dwayne's strange and wonderful world made up with demons and armies of undead.  Torrin was in the last stronghold to the goddess Mitria.  It was transported to this land and along the way we ( +Rob Conley played a priest of Mitria).  We not only had to battle to survive, but learn the dynamics of the world.  There were many incorrect assumptions made based on tropes of the game that was a blast to explore and a fantastic way to keep experienced gamers on their toes.

3. The Dragon Rises

Ah, my favorite campaign where I played a mercenary captain called Draco-Lindus.  His name was created way before it became significant.  This campaign played over years.  This is my benchmark of an epic campaign.  It had three stages of development.  The final stage was forging a realm among others realms.  And then the hard part.  Ruling.  Rob Conley GMed this one like a fricking master.  He demonstrated that being a very powerful person could just as easily be handicapped by their power as well as dominating others.  Accompanied by Dwanye's William Endril, we changed the landscape of his campaign world that still effects anyone who adventures in his Majestic Wilderlands. 


  1. Ancient evil with NO tentacles. That is just wrong,man. Still, you need to do some write-ups on these campaigns.

  2. In re: 3, I love campaigns that allow the actions of characters to effect and shape the world that they are in. Though all of these games sound like great fun.

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  4. Nice. I read Rob's first before this one and kept thinking "why do these sound the same?" Duh. In my defense I have only had one cup of coffee so far.