Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Possum Stop

Tonight I released my latest Patreon project, called Possum Stop.  You can download it at my Patreaon page, it's free for anyone to download.  And as always, if you feel like backing my efforts it would be much appreciated.

A while back a released Execution Corner.  A micro-site for players to happen upon, or GMs to throw into their game as players are traveling, to give the landscape a little pop of detail and an interesting location.  Possum Stop is built around that same philosophy.  A location small enough to drop into a campaign and not disrupt the surrounding area.  I also plug in some interesting ideas (I hope) to flavor the landscape.

Possum Stop gets its name from the shrine dedicated the the possum god, Possimium.  I really dig the idea of a possum god.  The Petty Gods projects really cracked open a lot of ideas in my head of what and why a god is a god. 

And lastly, thanks to all my backers over at Patreon.  Their support is fantastic and inspiring.  I really do enjoy creating these small projects. 


  1. So Possimium pretends to be a dead god, but is actually only active when most of his/her worshippers are asleep?

  2. Nice idea and great location. Love the DIY aspect of rpg and all it brings with it. Keep up the good work, sir!