Friday, August 28, 2015

...and I watched the world burn.

Wednesday was the conclusion for my Esoterrorist one-shot adventure that lasted for ten and a half months.  +Chris C. and +Ken H explored the reality fragile world of Saegertown, Pennsylvania.  It started with a suicide of a high school student.  A high number of suicides in the area is an indicator that there is a problem with The Veil.

Along the way they encountered a conspiracy theorist psychic, a small town sheriff, a transvestite witch and his pizza shop owning sister, a professor of geomancy disguised as a nurse, a man who phased out of reality, and a little boy that the world forgot. 

They investigated several sites in the area where suicides and murders occurred.  And these sites were accompanied by arcane symbols and primitive magics.  Ley lines came into play, but when everything was said and done, the focus returned to the place where it all started, the Beckett House.

From the beginning the Beckett House was rife with activity.  Mysterious gateways, Ouija boards, visions of the past and demons filled these deteriorating walls.  Time and time again the investigators returned seeking answers, but often left with more questions.

In the end, they sacrificed themselves. Sacrificed the reality they knew.  In the end, they stood at the center as they watched the world burn.  And when there was nothing but the black ash that followed them throughout the adventure, they rebuilt.  They rebuilt a place that was very familiar, but very different from their own.  Now they were the anomalies of this reality and the gateway to oblivion. 


  1. "they sacrificed themselves"

    True, both Ken and I sent our PCs through doorways from which we genuinely expected them not to return.

  2. I passed through the Gates of Hell...
    ...and there were two whiny children on the other side.

    Seems about right.