Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blogging Cancelled Due to Rain

How can I cancel blogging by writing about my blog being cancelled?  Sometimes its best not to question too deeply.  In the Bugs Bunny world, we're all only one erasure away from the truth. 

I wanted to take a picture of this fantastic envelope I received from William Dowie for join his Viking Fest Adventure Contest.  Inside was a fantastic fridge magnet that will be stuck to my computer.  Also got the latest issue of Loviatar.  I got tired of seeing the red squiggly line under Loviatar so I added it to my dictionary.  I want to write a bit more on the latest issue.

Oh yeah, Matt Jackson came out with his first rendition of Moleskin Maps.  Again I wanted to take a couple of pictures of it and one I was working on using his great product, but it will have to wait for a bit.

My intended blog of cool pictures has been cancelled due to Ivy leaving our digital camera out in the rain last night.  Maybe it will get better later, but right now its not doing so well.  I waited for it to dry before turning it back on to test it, but it let out a little pathetic squeak, not picture in the viewer only quick flashes like there was a tiny lightning storm happening in my camera.  Hmm, maybe that's what happened, the camera absorbed the lightning storm last night.  Some how that could be cool, but I'm not sure how.

But I got some cool stuff in the mail and can't show you.  So that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Oops! Do you not have a scanner that you could put the objects on?

  2. Inside was a fantastic fridge magnet that will be stuck to my computer.

    I suggest you don't put a magnet on your computer; that can wipe the hard drive.

  3. What does spellcheck have against Finnish goddesses anyway?

  4. The advice I've always heard for wet electronics is to put it in a ziplock bag of rice (to absorb the moisture, I believe).

  5. You're good until the camera decides to release the pent-up lightning storm.

    Yes, the ziplock bag of rice thing works pretty good. And you are underway in cooking a nice risotto dinner afterwards.

  6. Inside was a fantastic fridge magnet that will be stuck to my computer.

    I second Desert Scribe's comment. Surely, you court disaster. Then you'll be writing a post titled "Blogging cancelled due to earlier blog post."