Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Question : Fantasy Line Up

With football season ready to begin and along with that there are several zillion people getting ready for their fantasy drafts.  So let's set up a fantasy line up for your game.  The line ups would include:

2 fighters
1 wizard/mage
1 cleric/priest
1 thief/rogue
and 1 wildcard guy

Here's my fantasy line-up:
For fighters gotta go with Conan.  Strong as they come, dependable up the middle with little disregard for his own safety. Then I think I would go with Tempest from the Thieves World books.  Guy has been around forever and he can regenerate.  Mage wise.  Merlin is the obvious choice, but he's too slow.  He likes casting epic spells when I want someone who can whip out some fire fast.  So I'm going with Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander from Legend of the Seeker.  He had no problem toasting a few bad men.  Cleric...hmm, Friar Tuck wouldn't be so bad, but not sure if he would be much for healing.  I'll have to get back to you on this one.  Thief, I'm going with Gray Mouser, I don't think I need to explain why.  And the wildcard.  Here's where I go out of genre, but I'd want to bring in Sherlock Holmes.  He'd find the clues, traps, knows his poisons and not too shabby of a fencer.

Okay your turn.  Who is in your fantasy line-up?


  1. Good line up.

    I guess we're assuming they'd all get along and not kill each other?

    If so, I'd go with Travis Morgan, the Warlord, and Druss the Legened.

    For wizards, I'd go with Kane--as that would give me another fighter, too! Of course, Kane's spells tend to be ritually and slow, so maybe Dr. Strange.

    For thief, maybe Diabolik? He should bring his hot girlfriend along.

    Wildcard I'd say Indiana Jones. He's well acquainted with traps.

  2. I've had Oriental Adventures on the brain this week, so my line up is skewed towards the Asian:

    Front line fighters would be Miyamoto Musashi, and Bruce Lee. Either one is more than enough to hold off pretty much any number of mooks, so the both of them is just silly. The DM should just scoop.

    They're holding the front line so Lo Pan, the wizard from Big Trouble in Little China, can wip out some epic magic.

    Mr Miyagi, from the Karate Kid, handles healing duties with his mixture of herbalism and acupuncture. (Alternatively we can put Kwai Chang Caine in here, or slot him in as the wild card - he always gets out of trouble).

    I've got to stick a famous ninja in the thief slot, so let's go with Snake Eyes from GI Joe. He's probably a bit more well known than a historical figure like Hattori Hanzo.

    In the other fantasy obsession, I need Big Ben and Antonio Brown to put up some huge numbers against Denver this Sunday...

  3. Hmmm...

    FIGHTER - Guan Yu from The Romance of Three Kingdoms. He is the god of war after all.

    FIGHTER - Slaine from 2000ad. Because sometimes you need a guy to hulk out.

    MAGIC-USER - Black Mage from 8-Bit Theatre. An idiot, but with powerful magic.

    CLERIC - Abraham Van Helsing from Dracula. Because!

    THIEF - Catwoman. A thief/acrobat obviously.

    WILD CARD - Darth Vadar. Because then my party has the Imperial March as background music wherever they go.

  4. I'd take an offense-heavy team, with a good air game.

    Frontline Fighters: Lancelot du Lac, Boromir (both top-notch warriors)

    Wizard: Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody (most powerful auror of all time)

    Cleric: Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell (nice charming power, and pretty kick-ass in melee)

    Thief: Robin Hood (archer)

    Wildcard: Bard the Bowman (archer)

  5. How about:

    Boromir, son of Denethor
    Tasha Yar
    Arakor Nicodemus
    Alia Atreides
    and a T1000


    Jimmy Blanka
    Worf, son of Mogh
    Eskarina Smith
    Lone Wolf
    Boba Fett
    and Alyss

    ... for some interesting internal dynamics?

  6. Fighters: Ogami Ittō and Gimli
    Wizard: Xaltotun (from The Hour of the Dragon, REH)
    Cleric: Chaplain Cassius (WH40K)
    Thief: Arsène Lupin
    Wild Card: James Bond

  7. @Kaiju: Ogami Ittō and no Daigoro? ;)

  8. Fighters: ED-209, The Bride
    Wizard: Hermione
    Cleric: Cardinal Richelieu
    Thief: Finieous Fingers
    Wild Card: John McClane

  9. Two fighters?

    Jack Reacher. Sure, he is from fantasy-less thriller novels, but he IS the toughest man in literature. He can also improvise with anything, and would quickly figure out the lay of things in a fantasy world or dungeon, and figure out best how to kill in any environment he is in.

    Then, movie Aragorn. He can face down a platoon consisting of most of the Nazgul with just a torch and a sword. Or perhaps he might have a swarm of green ghosts in his back pocket, ready to get medieval on an enemy army as if they were Dow Scrubbing Bubbles.


    Wizard: Oscar Diggs. He's one of the most famous wizards in popular culture, bar none. What he lacks in magic he makes up for audacity: he once took over a vast diverse multi-cultural magic land with just his wits. Guessed him yet?

    Cleric: Noah. ' Nuff said.


    Thief: "Harry the Hat" from the "Cheers" TV show. Anyone else remember this guy?


    Wild card? No question about this. I wanted to get MacGuyver in this team, and into the Wild Card slot he steps. He would be able to do things like take a horse cart and a reel of twine and build a trebuchet and take down any castle wall.

  10. @Trey: I could only choose two. :) Although one could assume that it's a package deal, including the Baby Cart.

  11. Fighter 1: Gath of Baal – The Death Dealer is Conan on steroids with a mean streak, and a kick-ass helmet.

    Fighter 2: Rexxor (Conan the Barbarian, 1982) – Since he was played by one of the toughest, dirtiest football players ever in the game, he fits.

    Wizard: Hermione Granger – She’s smart, capable, and can pack a punch in a pinch.

    Cleric/Priest: Jacob Fuller (From Dusk till Dawn, 1996) – Harvey Keitel’s former preacher still has the power.

    Thief/Rogue: Dastan, the Prince of Persia – Probably don’t need to say much else.

    Wildcard: Drizzt Do’Urden – He is a Rogue-like warrior who knows his way around the field.

  12. OK, I have to roll this way:

    Fighters: Red Sonya & Musashi

    Mage: Phandaal (I don't think he ever made an appearance but his spells are epic)

    Cleric: Rigby

    Thief/Rogue: Ezio

    Wild Card: Elric (pull out a fighter/mage for that extra punch)

  13. Sorry, but Reacher lost all credibility with Little Tommy Cruise playing him in the movie and Lee Child signed off on it.

  14. Saroe: I will have to say "book Reacher" then. I will see Lee Child in a couple of weeks.... hope he gets put on the spot about Cruise.

    Jack Reacher of the books can take a guy's head off his neck with his bare hands.

    Oscar Diggs, by the way, is the Wizard of Oz.

  15. Hmm…

    Fighters: John Carter, Warlord of Mars. Arya Stark, from the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

    Magic-User: Harry Dresden.

    Cleric: Nicholas, the Duc de Richleau, from The Devil Rides Out. Since most of his magic is protective against the villains of the books he is in, he should count.

    Thief: Peter Blood, from Sabatini's Captain Blood. A pirate should work as a thief, right?

    Wildcard: Roland the Gunslinger, from King's Dark Tower books.


  16. Dude...someone put Elric in their line-up? That's a hurting waiting to happen!

    I, too, like a strong (i.e. badass) offense:

    Fighters: Ditto Gath of Baal (the Death Dealer). 2nd fighter will be Kurt Wagner's Kane (or "KANE!" as I like to call him).

    Wizards: Syzygy Darklock from the Dreadstar comics.

    Cleric: We'll default to Jagreen Lern, High Theocrat of Pan Tang (and not quite the buddy-killer his nemesis Elric is).

    Thief: Gotta' take Gord of Greyhawk (two fisted stabbing acrobat action). Mouser's too much of a dandy and Shadowspawn is too much talk for all his knives.

    Wild Card: Sheesh, that's tough. Lythande's good but her powers hang on a bit of a thread). Red Sonja's good but has become a bit of a caricature. This team does need a woman's touch, though, so I'm going with Robert E Howard's Agnes de Chastillon of his story "Sword Woman."

    Yeah, I think my posse could eat most of these other teams for breakfast.
    ; )

  17. Faoladh: I was wondering about getting Roland in there. I was thinking more as a fighter, due to his "aim with the mind" and all that. Good warrior stuff.

  18. "Dude...someone put Elric in their line-up? That's a hurting waiting to happen!"

    Well, if something is going bad with your quest and you want to cover it up and you need someone along who will destroy everything, Elric's your man.

    If you REALLY want to play it safe, for your wizard/mage, bring along this guy instead.

  19. Dmarks: Yeah, he could've been one of the fighters, and Arya Stark moved to "wildcard" (since she's really more of a duellist/thief type at this point), or Peter Blood as "wildcard" and Arya as thief, whatever. The point is that I wanted a lot of good fighting types. ;)

  20. Bugs Bunny would be a good wild-card too. He's always one step ahead of any situation.

  21. I am going biblical on that ass.
    Fighter1: Rogziel - angel of punishment whose name means "the wrath of God."
    Fighter2: David HaMelekh, is the King of Israel, (he slew a giant with a sling)
    Wizard: Satan (who has more magical tricks then this guy?)
    Cleric: Metatron the voice of god (can you get any closer to god than this)
    Thief: Asmodeus stealer of souls
    Wild card: Michael arch angel (He is God's enforcer of law and judgement and is the only angel specifically called an archangel in the Bible)

  22. Rules, I think things might go south pretty quick for your crew due to the frequent fisticuffs between Satan and God's own general Michael.