Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sleestak Fight Club

In the white corner, standing 6'8" and weighing in at 275 pounds, is Sssssessshhh the Destroyer.

And the undisputed sleestak champion in the red corner, standing 6'9" and weighing in at 283 pounds, the killer of Droosh, Mangler of Orshi, is Ssssssavaavid the Groaning God!

Both fighters will roll initiative per round with a d10.  Attacks will be determined by a roll of a d20.  Each one will need a 14 to hit.  When a hit occurs a d6 is rolled to determine damage.  Sleestaks return to your corners, when the blogger write fight come out fighting.


Sesh comes out swinging first, but his wild kick is way short.  Ssavid takes his time to evaluate his opponent giving him a +1 to his attack next round.

Sesh rushes is and Ssavid easy steps out of the way causing Sesh to lose his balance.  Ssavid delivers a glancing blow, but it does no damage.

Boy Sesh is coming out hard and looking like he wants to end this fight early.  But his spinning back kick leaves him vulnerable on the ground as he loses his balance and falls.  Ssavid leaps into the air and lands on the challenges chest.  The crowd hisses as the sound of bones breaking echoes through the cave as 6 points of damage are delivered.

To Ssavids surprise Sesh kips up into a standing position despite blood dripping from his mouth.  But once again his attack goes wide leaving him vulnerable to the champion's attack.  This time the champion delivers a blow, but Sesh is able to block it with his shoulder.

We're nearing the end of round 1 and its been all Ssavid.  His experience is paying huge dividends against the anxious challenger. 

Still moving quick the challenger released a quick jump kick, but again his attack falls short.  Ssavid didn't even need to move to dodge the blow.  Oh No!  Ssavid runs around to the back of his opponent and delivers a jumping punch to the back of Sesh's neck!  Oh my what a devastating strike.  This is the same attack the crippled Instag two years ago.  The blow delivers, 10 points of damage and sends Sesh face down to the ground.

Enik, tonight's ref, runs in quickly and starts delivering the count.  The champ goes to his corner looking like he's not ready for this fight to be over.  1 - 2 - 3...Sesh is trying to get up, but his arms are buckling.  5 - 6 - 7.  The crowd is up and shouting.  It is pandemonium in here.  9 - 10!

The champ has done it.  The champ has done it.  A first round knock out!  Oh my.  The medical crew and clerics have rushed into the arena.  The challenger still isn't able to get up.

Ssavid holds his pylon belt high for all to see.  The Groaning God shows the world once again why he is the champion.  There is no argument.


  1. Woot! I just won 50 Sleedisks!

  2. I was planning to use one of these guys today in my post, lol.

    Rumor has it that Sesh was trained by Stakkie Chan, and Ssavid was a protege of Bruce Slee himself.

  3. They both should get imaginary kicks in the crackers!

  4. Are they good at mixed Marshall arts too?