Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dungeon Map Rough Draft

This a rough map for one of the dungeons I'm including in the 4th Manor.  Yes, I am working on two issues at the same time.  It will harken back to the days of a double album.  Without the albums.  And I got to use the word harken.  I want to snaz it up more. 

It's a underground complex that recently got hit by an earthquake and why some of the regions and rooms of the dungeon are cut off.  Crap fell and blocked off the passages.  This one is nearly done.  Just need to finish the last encounter and then tidy up the text.  Right now I have four more in progress, but I'll have to see if I can get everything in I want.  Space is precious and I can fill it up with crap.  Although I think I squeeze in either 4 or 8 more pages which would be awesome.  So the next Manors will be fat.  Like they ate too many of those Rocky Road Klondike bars. 


  1. Can you place my copy of the Manor in a cooler filled with dry ice and a few of those rocky road klondike bars? That sounds pretty freaking good.

  2. Although in some cases it may be obvious, you might want to indicate the path of the collapsed tunnels. Players are probably more inclined to try and clear them than start new tunneling to reach the cut-off areas.


  3. I'm not too keen on the rocky road Klondikes myself. I like the green ones (chocolate mint, I think) better still, those Good Humor eclaire bar are amazing.

  4. *Trey* I hope so. Seems like its taking forever this time around.

    *Christian* I'll see what Ivy can do. Although she likes them more than me so there might be a chunk out of one of them.

    *SAROE* I tried to hint at which way they would go, but you are right I should probably put something in there to indicate the original passages.

    *Jason* Green Klondikes are fantastic too. So are the those Eclair bars. We do not discriminate against any ice cream here at the manor.

  5. Great looking map. I'm getting excited for the next issue!

  6. Shaped like Winona County.

    Which has its own tunnels and ruined castles.