Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm Sage'olicious

Yeah, creepy title.  I just realized I leveled up to Sage!  I could have had extra hit points all this time.  And a gotta start planning my stronghold.  And so have to get some new dice now.  Sage dice.  I wonder if Ivy will buy that?

Just an aside.  A lot of dirty pictures came up when I Googled Sage.  So after 45 minutes of being appalled the only picture I could find to post was this:


  1. Holy crap - I'm 3 away from sage! I need to troll for followers and join you at this heady level.

  2. Very cool -- congrats!

    Hope Ivy let's you get those sage dice. I think you're entitled to a reward!

  3. John Soon you too will be Sage'olicious. It is a great responsibility.

    Bard I think she may let if I have a coupon for them. Since there are none for dice I'll have to photoshop one.

  4. Your internets is much sexier than my internets. I just got a bunch of plants.