Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mini Review: Lair of the Orc Shaman

I'm gonna eat your feet first!
Lair of the Orc Shaman is written by Felbrigg Herriot and the maps are provided by the infamous Matt Jackson.  This is a micro adventure in PocketMod format.  That means its small.  Wee even.  One page that can be made into a tiny booklet.  It will cost you .99 cents to take a peek.  Let me tell you about it a little since this is a review.

First off, love the cover.  It's what originally made me click on it on RPGNow.  Simple and effective.  In the preview, it says it's a 1st edition adventure for 5 to 7 first level characters. It has 17 rooms in an underground crawl.  The room descriptions are tight.  Considering the space limitations I was amazed Felbrigg squeezed in all the rooms.  Plus, there are some nice descriptions.  It is not a list of rooms with just monsters and loot.  He manages to tell you what will happen if this happens and the contents of the room.

While I was reading this adventure I kept thinking this would me a great funnel module for the DCC crowd.  Tweak the stats and you'd be good to go.   No matter what system you have its a good straight forward adventure that will easily fill a night of gaming and that you can plug into your game at any time. 

Be smart.  Buy the The Lair of the Orc Shaman before he eats your feet.


  1. Oddly enough, I have been seeing (and writing) the term "Orc Shaman" a lot this week...