Thursday, November 21, 2013

Address Check

Hey folks, Issue #5 is ready to print tomorrow.  Just a few tweaks to go.  I just wanted to check with those who are subscribers if there have been address changes.  I have a few that were changed previously and wanted to catch it ahead of time.  I want the Manor to find its proper home.  Just throw me an email or Google+ me and let me know.  I'm setting up the mailing labels.  Yup I am all high tech.  I have stickers.

I wanted to thank everyone who did the pro-order so far.  I few are waiting for PDFs.  I received 32 orders last night and today.  Love it.  I'm looking forward to begin the printing and folding and stapling.  Again, thanks for supporting the Manor. 

A tease of what's inside.  Jay Penn drew this one.  You'll find Brom Shatterstone in the Vineyard of Villainy.  A zealous follower of Nillium, who would gladly sacrifice all of dwarvenkind to his god.  May the light never reach your eyes or the dust settle in your breath.


  1. Wish I lived close enough that I could help with the assembly. You'll have your hands full with this issue (especially once the reviews start pouring in...)