Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sleestak Sunday Future

I found this picture over at the Creature Spot.  They remind me of an evolutionary type of Sleestak.  I really dig the lava lamp brains.  If these guys were in Call of Duty they would look like bobble heads running around.  Brain pan splash.  Can you tell I got CoD: Ghosts?  I've been sucking bad and swearing a lot, but I still have my original controller intact.  So that's something.


  1. COD: Ghosts takes up too much time but what can we do? This Sleestak madness is FUBAR!!!!

    1. So Fran are you going for the PS4 or Xbox One this time around?

  2. I blogged about these a while back after seeing them on the cover of a book on the shelf in Michael's craft store.