Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Manor #5 Cover

As promised, here is the cover for issue #5.  Jay Penn did an incredible job.  The things I added were the the framing and instead of having issue #5 with the header I dropped it on the door like an apartment number.  I'm not sure if I will keep it that way, but I thought is was amusing and it didn't bother Jay's incredible cover art. 

I gave Jay this picture.

I asked Jay if he could make me a dungeon door like the one above, but with a creepy arm sticking out from behind it.  He did that and more. 

Tonight I'll make a button up for issue #5 for those who want to pre order and it will help me figure out how many I need to print.  The physical stats of issue #5 are, its 24 pages, card stock cover, I'll be using 20 pound paper, but that might increase to the 24 pound paper because I like it better.  And of course everything is done in my own home, printing, staple and fold right here.  I get my assembly line going.  I've also learned the value of setting my print from normal to fine.  Makes the art and the wording crisp.  It eats up more ink and more time (I estimate it takes me 1 minute to print out a zine on normal and it takes about 10 minutes on fine, so printing out 10 zine goes from 10 minutes to an hour and a half, but I think I'll time it next time I print to get accurate numbers).  It is well worth it.


  1. That art looks fantastic. My favorite cover, by far! The print times are bit painful; good luck with that!

  2. *rings front desk bell*

    Excuse me. Yes. Um. Could I get another room, please? Room 5 appears to be occupied." 0.0

  3. I love that cover. I will be wanting to order the PDF version and save a tree ;-)


  4. Jay rocks. A worthy cover for an awesome issue.

  5. Can't wait for this issue! This is like some kind of zine strip tease!

  6. I love the cover! The number 5 on the door was icing on the cake.