Friday, November 8, 2013

Manor #5 News

As I mentioned in the last post that the 5th Manor is done writing wise.  I'm going through the process of doing a quick edit on my part before handing it off to my proof readers.  I hope to do that this weekend.  I'm waiting on one piece of art.

Issue #5 is back to the standard 24 page zine and I filled the cover front and pack with stuff.  I try to cram as much into each issue as I can.  I was going to show you the mock up, but I'd rather wait until I get the final art.

The 'prestigious' back cover where I always select an OSR product I really like goes to.....hmm, no drum, so no roll.  The back cover is going to +Dylan Hartwell's, The Curse of Sin.

You want to hear something weird, I really enjoy doing the layout for their ads.  I think Dylan's new adventure looks fantastic on the back cover. 

This time around I also added some talent to the non-existent writing pool.  It was more of a puddle of one, me.  This time +Sean Robson added a great table for generating tavern names and +Chris C. add a fantastic collection of Cursed Concoctions.  Of course I've added a few more items, one of the cooler one is the Vineyard of Villainy that features the incredible artwork of Jay Penn who did all the covers for Loviatar.  I think it looks fantastic. 

Okay, back to writing.  None of this, the layout or editing counts toward my word count for the day.  I'm behind and would like to finish before 11pm.  Enjoy the night folks.