Saturday, November 9, 2013

Did a Map, Bailed on NaNo

Yesterday I came home and drew a map for the next part I planned to write.  Took me better part of the night to draw it.  I could have just drawn a rough sketch and left the map for later, but drawing maps is something I can do as I watch something.  Because of drawing the map I didn't get any writing done.  While I'm very glad I got done what I got done over this past week, but by yesterday I was spent.  I'm probably just a lightweight, but I made a decision to not do NaNo. 

Drawing maps, layout and editing don't count toward word count.  While I plan on putting more effort into getting my writing done, producing more content for Manor, adventure and my campaign I don't, won't be beholden to a word count.  Like yesterday, I missed the day writing and then spent most of the morning today beating myself up over it.  Dumb.  Waste of a perfectly good Saturday.

Now I'll continue to plow away at campaign and have fun with it instead of feeling an obligation that made it no fun.  Just to show you I wasn't blowing smoke/sunshine or whiskey up your ass here is the map I worked on. 

There are a series of ruins located near where the party will start.  This is the first.  I can't go into too much detail because my guys are probably reading this.  I like how this one turned out.  Tonight I'll write the numbered areas...and not count how many I did, but set the goal to complete them. 


  1. It's just as well, I think. Rushed writing is seldom good and I seriously doubt that NaNo ever produces quality stories. "Rush a miracle-worker, sonny, you get lousy miracles." -- M. Max.

  2. A picture is worth a thousand words...

  3. I am with you, I ran out of steam last week after work kicked my butt, and I never went back. I would still like to continue with the story I was writing, but I will do it without the added pressure of NaNoWriMo. Plus, I am itching to make some maps again.

  4. I'm with Sean, quality work is never rushed.

  5. I did the NaGa DeMon last year (National Game Design Month), and nearly completed my TFT Tekumel rules. No word count requirement. The goal is to complete a game by the end of the month.

  6. Never beat yourself up, there are enough people out in the world who are more than happy to do it for you, should you run into them.

    Map, dungeon, scenario and campaign design are far more enjoyable, give a better return in terms of appreciation, and leave you with a better sense of accomplishment and satisfaction; whereas writing can have a way of making you paranoid, self-critical and self-doubting.

    Writing is not for everyone. They say there is a book in everyone, but I firmly believe they are not always the books we ordinarily associate that monica with: 'book' - doesn't always have to be a countless stream of words, a book can be anything (within reason) that we want it to be.

    I too bailed on NaNo. Personally, when I write I like to enjoy the experience and the journey, not feel rushed and pressured into become a word crunching machine. Some people are just that. Lucky them. Some people are machines of another kind. All you need to do is find the key that starts your particular engine.

    Good luck and continued success in your mapping, sir : )

  7. Yeah, having fun is way more important. If it gets to where it feels like an obligation, what's the point?