Friday, October 17, 2014

Treasures at the Con

First day of Con on the Cob in the books.  I started the day meeting +Ken H., but it got mu h better after that.  A little exploration of Dwimmermount.  Out Labyrinth Lord Jim Yoder, ran us through the megadungeon.  The crew survived with only a few minor scrapes.  I nearly got killed earlier by weird, metallic skeletons.

Later, I had the fortune of being run through a Cryptworld adventure by Tim Snider.  What a fricking blast.  Meeting Tim after a batch of years over the internet was great.  I also scored some loot from him.


  1. Squee.
    Yes, I said "squee." Those d10 are purty.

  2. Glad we were finally able to game together Tim!

  3. Dang.. those color action tables are swell!

  4. maybe next year I can go be home for good Jan 10