Friday, August 21, 2015

Village of Osmolt Coming Soon

It's been a wait, but the continuation of Denizon's Folly is finally done, Village of Osmolt.  Well almost done.  I need to read through it and fix a few things and Whisk is going to draw me a few silhouette pieces.  I'm hoping to release it tonight or tomorrow morning.  There is another piece to this adventure that will detail Blasfeemus Tower (on the map to the right).  So there is a part three to this adventure. 

I struggle with this adventure quite a bit.  Trying to capture some details of a fey realm that were different and challenging to the party.  Without getting too out of whack.  There are a couple of random tables included that I think help with this.  After rewriting this adventure more times than I remember I like how it turned out.  You'll need a patient crew and if they are quick to combat the might find themselves is way worse trouble.  This adventure is a bit of a mystery, trying to find the three missing children.  So many things have happened since they disappeared.

As always, my micro-adventures are always a free PDF download.  And with it you get the GM map as seen above and a blank players map in case you want to run this on-line and not give away locations.  This micro-adventure is in zine format so my $5 patrons and above will get a print copy at the end of the month with the rest of what I get done this month.

This is MA#31, I have 5 micro-locations and did one micro-sandbox.  Once I get 50 under my belt I plan to put them in book form on Lulu.  I'll need to reformat some of them, but overall everything I've written for my Patreon will be included.  I am figuring out how to reward my patrons, especially my long term ones.  I'll announce more details when it get closer. 

Half of the proceeds will go to Jim Ward's GoFundMe campaign.   When I first purposed doing this I think it was around $2000 and I see today it's over $13000!  I wish him well and hope it helps.