Saturday, May 12, 2012

Breaking My Stuff Again and Subscription?

It is Saturday and my string of things not working continue.  For what ever reason Skype has decided it is not going to work.  Won't connect to the net.  It stopped working after it insisted I upgrade.  How many folks are sick of 'upgrades' that completely screw up a perfectly fine program?  And my graphics on my computer are wonky.

Where I live I need to drive 35 to 40 minutes to a store that sells a graphics card.  The Staples nearby has two, but they are low end cards that have less umph than the one I bought five years ago that just croaked.  So its Best Buy bound I go or just do Amazon.  I'm too impatient though and will probably brave the Mother's Day weekend traffic in Erie. 

Gaming stuff has been going superb.  Many are grabbing a copy of The Manor and writing posts.  I've got most of them linked on my THE MANOR page above.  If you wrote a review of it and I missed it please just put the link in the comment section.  Even if thought it was a steaming pile of crap I'll still link to it.  Sales continue to be steady.

  • There was one embarrassing typo, I misspelled  Trey Causey's last name in the credits.  So if you will please get out a fine marker and put in the 'u'.  All copies have the correction.
  • Another slight change that has been made is the original title font has returned.  The font matches the title of my blog. 
Second issue is progressing.  I am considering doing a subscription, but it would be issue based and not monthly.  Where as I can promise you 4 or 6 issues, I can't promise they would be monthly.  Two may come out the same month and there might be 6 or 8 week in between.    

I have some fun ideas coming up for future issues.  Just me having fun with the whole zine thing.  I saw something last night that got me excited for a future issue.  Within the next week or so I should have some stuff to show for the next issue and news about possible subscription.  As always I will toss it out there to of you would you like to have a subscription be available as an option?

Have a great Saturday.  Oh, and a special thanks to Ray B. for being my first Canadian print customer.  I'm headed to the post office now.


  1. I put a review of sorts up on my blog, The Ongoing Campaign. It's more just a recommendation to everyone to get the darned thing.

  2. Tim, the first issue arrived a few days ago. God stuff for sure. I like the idea of subscription. Let me know if you need any more art ;)!

  3. faoladh I got it linked. Now you can't take back anything good you said. It's been marked.

    Johnathan Hope you enjoy it. And I sure will. Look to the sky and I'll send up a Cat signal when more it needed. I know it was bad. That's why I need editors.

  4. Dammit! I hate being put in a corner like that!

  5. Ah I meant good stuff, but it was almost divinely inspiring ;). I too need editors (or at least a proofreader).

  6. God stuff... must be a cleric!

  7. Wow, you've done well. The OSR blogosphere is rampant with Manor reviews. Well done sir.