Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sleestak Sunday...Lurker's Revenge

This fantastic piece by Bactate must have been inspired by Angry Lurker's hatred for the sleestak.  But I want to remind Lurker.  Even though the head is not attached, its eyes can still see you. 

Check out Bactate's other drawings.  I love "They call him Mr. Touchdown".

I'm doing some work on The Manor #2 today.  I plan on getting the feature piece completely edited.  And yesterday Matt Jackson added a fantastic map to the mix.  Oh, there is something going on in that ruin.  At night you can hear the ground rumbling.  It's as if the world itself is angry at something. 

And a little something on the way out.  It's not easy doing Sleestak Sunday and sometimes you need to make hard decisions.