Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Projects and Still Breaking Stuff

Over the weekend I was reading through a project written by Dylan Hartwell (Digital Orc) and received a rough draft of Johnathan Bingham's, Delve! zine.  On top of that Matt Jackson sent me some excellent maps for the upcoming issue of The Manor.  So it's been good busy.

My destruction of electronics and machines continues.  Over the weekend I was not only able to blue screen my computer a half dozen times, but I also had the fun of blowing out a fuse if I put the light on in the bathroom because our air conditioner is running full tilt.  I guess it's aim for the best and listen for the splashing water.

I busted my pencil sharpener of 20+ years.  I loved that sharpener.  Those who know me well, know that when I use pencils they much be deadly sharp.  I bought a new one at Staples and its so weak.  My old one attacked pencils.  It hated them.  It would have destroyed them all if given the chance.  "I hate you pencils!" it would scream as it ate a inch off in a second.  The new one introduces itself, asks if the pencil would like a something to drink and then apologizes if it shaves off too much.  I like mean pencil sharpeners.

Oh, and I broke the bluetooth ear thingy.  Ivy said 'Your big, fat ear broke it."  My ear is not fat. 

Because of all the computer problems I ordered a new one.  Should be shipped out the first week of June.  I was also going to get MS Office Professional, but they said a new version would be out this fall.  Here's the kicker.  At the store the program is $500.  However, if I was a student or a teacher I can get it for $100.   I'm still paying student loans that should count.  So I may have to find a willing dupe at work with a college account and no motivation to improve themselves.  Shouldn't be hard to find.

Holiday weekend is over.  Time for work.  Time to go.