Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Game Night Recap or Three Woodies and Chest of Silver

Game night went well on Monday.  Had the full crew for half the session.  Actually the bard came in right when the players discovered 2.6 million silver.  But I get ahead of myself.

Boog sees Boog.

Bad Boog is leading chant of chanters.

Weird circle in the middle.

Party says 'this is crap' and attacks.

Battle, battle.

Wound.  Blood.

Ah oh!  Players are being absorbed into monster that look like them.


Boog fails.

Corum fails.

Boog sucked inside bad Boog can't get out.

Corum's holy necklace blows up.  Bad Corum goes away.

Grim smart.  Knocks over font. 


Wipes out all bad versions of the party.

Except bad Boog.

Boog fail save for third time.

Boog now looks like bad Boog.

Instead of half-orc, Boog is full orc.

Boog mad, but then gets scared.

Boog never gets scared, but scared now..

Death god says Boog is paladin.  Lump it orc.

Boog not happy.

Death god don't care.

Fast forward through boring talking part.

Find 2.6 million in silver.

Grim pops a woody.

Boog pops a woody.

Corum tries not to pop a woody, but fails.

Try to leave, but party outside cast fireball.


Go the other way.

Weird room with numbers and a dead dwarf.

Room worries party.

Goes to leave.

Party sees three War Wights stalking toward them.

GM end game.

Boog, Grim and Corum loose their woodies.  

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