Monday, May 14, 2012

The Cover of Issue #2

I took off some time this weekend to play Secret World (MMO) and think its good.  It'll be released in June.  Also during the weekend I was fill out some orders for the first issue of The Manor and talking to a couple people about the second.  And jotting down ideas for future issues.  I've got a mock cover made for the second issue made and more than half of the second issue is written I just need to edit it.  Boy does it need it. 

This charming guy was drawn by Emily.  Someone I work with.  During a boring training she started doodling portraits of the bored people around us.  Afterward I asked if she would like to help out.  She was part of my newbie group and jumped at the idea.  

A few post ago I did one on map comparisons featuring Hugo's Healing Potions.  Well, meet the lovely face of Hugo.  In the second issue you will get a fully developed specialty healing shop you can plop into any fantasy type campaigns.  Includes the map, personalities involved, shop description and adventure hooks.  And probably my favorite feature of it is my Random Customer table.  So when the players walk into the shop, it has a life going on.

Those of you who received the first issue and like Oren's Boots should really like this entry.  Both are version of the way the old CityBooks from Flying Buffalo used to make.  I've always been a huge fan that series.  So Hugo's Healing Potions and Oren's Boots are my tip of the hat to them.