Monday, May 7, 2012

Random Ramblings on a Rainy Monday Morning

After a day of breaking everything I touched, computer, ipod, xbox, mower and weedwacker I'm hoping all that bad mojo has left me.  At least I got everything back up and running again. Game night is tonight and by god we got the whole group back or so I hope.  The crew is in the middle of the Burrowmaze, with adjustments of mine.  The encounter we left off at should be very interesting to pick up from.  I can't write too much or prying eyes will search for spoilers.

Everyone is singing the praises about the Avengers and I'm hoping to see it soon.  I'll wait for the hysteria to die down a bit before I go.  I'm sure this goes without saying, I really hate going to movies these days because people still feel the need to talk or text on their fucking phones.  I think bad thoughts when I'm watching a cool scene and the next thing I see from below or to the side some guy flipped open his phone and some god awful music starts playing as a ringtone.

I've been researching a new MMO that looks awesome, Secret World.  If you are so inclined, Google it and watch the videos.  I've been looking for a modern day setting world I could get into and this one seems to fit the bill perfectly.  Now I have to get a new video card or computer.  Two blue screens in one week...not good.

I'm working on the second issue of The Manor.  Sale of the first one went well this weekend.  I was hoping to get a few more, but I'm hoping once these red covered beauties start landing in mailboxes a few more will go out.  I'm doing a different layout for the second issue.  I'm working out the bugs.  I don't know why I have such problems with page numbers.  They hate me.

Off to work.  Game night tonight.  Looking forward to it.