Thursday, May 17, 2012

Listen to the Guy with the Shotgun

Sometimes when your sitting in a room where its contents are more expensive than you'll ever make in a lifetime, you get a little pissy.  Sure lady the steak was good, the expensive wine tasted like wine and the big guy at the door I imagine doesn't look all that big when he's lying on the floor with two broken legs.  Then Mama V. flaunted her checkbook.  A salve to savage temperament.  "Bring Vivian to justice and I'll write you a check for any amount as long as its not ridiculous." 

Creskin and Don were smoothing her over.  I think she would eat them both alive and spit out their shiny shoes, but it is amusing to listen to them.
We caught the boat men with some necromancer who needed a bath.  He said the body was John V.  Kept saying darling.  Greasy necromancer said he was betrayed by someone he loved.  I imagine that is not an uncommon experience with these rich folk.  After all was said and done, necromancer was helpful.  I liked that.  Mental noted.

Bliss was next on our visits.  After a big steak and wine I usually like to nap, not meet up with extraterrestrials in a city being consumed by another dimension.  But Boris is flexible.  I'll nap later.  Bliss came he wanted the glow ball Creskein had.  Lots of talking.  Lots of bargaining.  Bliss admitted it was Vivian who sent the gargoyles after us.  This is a theory Boris put out to the group.  They say, Boris go clean your shotgun.  Sometimes the shiny suits do as my mother used to say, "You can't put square thinking into round problem."  They think square.  Boris think all shapes until evidence forms shape. 

Now we plan on confronting Vivian.  Don and Creskin talked about shooting her.  I've seen them shoot.  She should be fine.  Now Ivanka and I may take a turn, but its the gargoyles.  The gargoyles are the problem.  Where I am sure there is going to be surprises from the lady, I know the gargoyles can take a shotgun blast and barely flinch.  This does not fill one with confidence.

Last mission note.  Don keeps calling up Team Victory.  Making 'V' signs with his fingers.  I like this.  Makes me laugh.