Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Manor Hits 50

Just got a few more sales in today and as of this moment I've sold 50 issues of The Manor.  Thanks to everyone who has bought an issue.  I appreciate the support and look forward to putting out the second issue.

As it stands I've sold 25 print copies and 25 PDFs.  This surprises me a little I figured the print would outsell the PDF by a good margin, but it seems that many people prefer the electronic version.  I'm glad I made the choice to offer it in PDF.

Everyone who has ordered a print copy, all been sent in the mail.  Even those who have just ordered.  I like any kind of sale, but I get a bit of a rush printing a copy, constructing the zine, putting it in the envelop and putting a creepy butterfly stamp on it.  Feels good and with each issue I send a batch of good mojo.  No charge.