Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stoned Sleestak Sunday


This is what a sleestak would look like if it got a peek at a medusa.  Brought to you by the excellence of Spanglerart. I need to find some cool sleestak paraphernalia around my desk.  A cool statue would do the trick.

The Manor is chugging along.  Hit #5 on RPGNow and will send out a 3rd batch of zines tomorrow morning.  I'm already working on the second issue.  Although when I did I got another blue screen fatal error on my computer.  It spent some time repairing.  No idea.  I think I need to look at a new computer. 

Have a great Sleestak Sunday.  It's actually nice here so I need to mow.  I want to invent grass that only grows two inches tall.


  1. Drunk or stoned? Between us, sleestak fans have a choice this sunday.

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  3. By the way, check out this place in my neck of the woods. You should stock up on their logowear.