Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Map Time! Comparisons

A while back I wrote a couple of projects around shops.  I developed shops, populated them and then added adventure hooks.  A direct rip off of the CityBooks.  Those were always one of my favorite gaming series.  Anyway, the first one in the series is called Hugo's Healing Potions.  I'll give you three guesses what he sells.  Anyway I created a map then had Rob redo it.  I did mine in Paint again.  Just the simple draw a line and spray can modes.  And Rob did his in Corel Draw something.
This one is mine.  The color pallet was limited so that's why all the weird hospital green.  I only see that color in hospital scrubs.  All that pinkish stuff is the work room with the alchemist in a rush there is not much time for cleaning.

Here's the one Rob did.  Nice lines, but the scale is a bit wonky I just noticed.  It would make those bets 7.5' long.

Hugo will be in the 2nd issue of The Manor.  Yes, I am already working on the second issue. I just saw them side by side in my folder and thought is would be cool to post them together.  Cheers.