Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Failures in Gaming this Week

I'm not talking about the public D&D playtest.  My group had a chance to play it in the first round and we had a good time, but that had more to do with the group than system.  The name they throw around is D&D Next.  I think a more apt name should be D&D Here We Go Again.  I haven't been keeping up on all the details of who said what, who left, who stayed and why.  Frankly, I don't care.  The system is no mystery.  Another version of itself.  My point of interest is more aimed at their (WotC, Hasboro) attitude toward their clientele.  If its something akin to the past few years I won't bother with the system.  I hope they're friendlier to 3rd party publishers in short.  Until then, I'll sit back and watch it unfold.  The system itself won't determine if I get involved, but the SRD. 

The failures I am talking about is my own gaming.  My god, I've been slammed with glitches these past couple weeks.  This weekend, Secret World apparently has too big of balls for my computer.  I can play for 20 minutes then boom, blue screen.  My 360, thought I would play some MW3, after 20 minutes BOOM! it shuts down with two red lights.  Something I need to find out what it means.  Monday night game is cancelled because one guy has to wine and dine his boss another had electrical surges through his house.  Wednesday night that hasn't even happened yet was cancelled due to one going to a convention and another is recovering from a cold.  Apparently I was not mean to game.  The conscious ether is telling me to work on Issue #2.  Which I did and lost all my edits in one of the blue screen crashes.  Now I have it saved on a flash drive.

I believe I rolled a 1 for gaming this week.