Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Issue #1 of the Manor at the Proof Readers

Despite having a stupid ass head cold, again, I managed to get through my last go through with the text and layout last night.  Game night was cancelled due to lack of players so it worked out for me and gave me the extra time I needed. 

One of the weird problems I ran into was I had an invisible page two.  It was there, but didn't show up.  It was screwing up my page count.  I wanted to get to 24 pages and it kept saying I had 25.  If I had any hair I would have pulled and pulled, but instead when I am about to recycle my computer I give Rob a call and he figured it out quick enough.  Whew.  I have no idea how to find an invisible page.  I think that was my first encounter with one.  So I earned some much needed Word experience points.  I don't think I leveled, but I'm close.  I could use some extra hit points.

I tweaked the text for rural PA.  I wrestled with that piece more than the others.  But I've got it now I think.   Overall, I am very happy with the result.  Now I have to be patient and wait for proofreaders to tell me my screw ups.  I would tell them to forgo any family time, skip doctor appointments and even hold it for bathroom time so they can get through it quicker, but I can't.  Can't I?  Okay maybe just skip Aunt Regina's funeral.  You didn't much like her any way.

As soon as they finish with the proof and I fix my screw ups I'll be figuring out how to sell this thing.  Here's my plan again.  I plan to sell the print copy directly from my blog and PDFs from RPGNow and Lulu.  My prices will be as follows:
Print: $3.50 in USA
         $4 Canada
         $4.50 for the rest of the world
PDFs will be $2.50. 

I thought about doing a delayed PDF, but I really don't see the point right now.  If I can get everything to work (and that is the key) they will be released at the same day.  I encourage people to buy the print copy.  If for no other reason to justify me buying a beautiful new printer I call Hugo.  Plus I'm looking forward to using my long stapler and playing with the envelopes and card stock and...  Sorry, just geek out for a moment. 

Timeline for the release you ask.  I am hoping this weekend.  Saturday is what I'm shooting for.  I'm stoked.


  1. Looking forward to diving into this.

  2. As I'm in the UK I'll pick up the PDF version, but I will print and staple it for reading. I might even have a sheet of red card somewhere for the cover.

  3. Consider a print + pdf bundle at a $4.50 price point. I want a print copy, and will be ordering one, but I also like having a digital copy, too.

  4. Very cool -- looking forward to it!

  5. It didn't help that my internet was crappy and our reply cycle streched into minutes.