Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Dimension that Jack Built

Or I should say Trey built.

Last night, the full Weird Adventures crew gathered together after a few weeks of spotty attendance.  We continued our search for John Vandemaur.  We are trying to recover his body, but in truth we have no idea if he is even dead.  Boris has some thoughts...

Our investigation picked up with a visit to the Magic Library.  Creskin and Don looked through a book I couldn't read.  Looking at those two you would think they were a couple Nancy boys who would be terrified to piss in public.  But they got an edge.  Creskin tore out a page from a book.  Wild man.  That page ended up being some sort of door into a some sort of secret realm of Indrid Bliss. 

We went in and there were holes in the floor with nothing but night sky filling them.  A floating giant head that mumbled and spit acid at Creskin.  It popped when I planted a bullet between its eyes.  Don was fascinated by the doors.  He was looking through one door and could see the back of us.  He kept doing it.  Never seen a man so interested in looking at his own ass before.  

There was a door in the ceiling.   For them being mages they never seem to have a spell that helps.  I got a ladder from the hardware store nearby.  I forgot what happened next.  But we all got up there eventually into this other room.  Indrid's place.  We looked around.  Found some financial papers, a picture and another glowing orb.  I've grown fond of those orbs.  They keep the gargoyles away.

When we tried to leave.  Indrid was there.  He was pissed, but backed off when Creskin threatened to destroy it.  He keeps saying stuff that worries me.  Like before he vanished he said we might not be able to handle his beacon.  I'm guessing not.  He did tell us that body we found is a botched sacrifice.  Amateur hour he said.  Another dead end.  For being dead, Johnny V is one slippery SOB.

Now Urania Vandamaur, the reining queen of the wealth family, wishes to speak with us.  I've been clubbed by ghouls, attacked by gargoyles, bitten by hellish imps and traveled in a dimension of confusion, but now I got to do the hardest thing I've had to do since this investigation a tie.