Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Dungeon Room Filler & Sleep Deprived Dungeon & Pictures of Feet

d12 Random Dungeon Filler
1-3 Creature
4  Trap
5  Treasure
6-7  Empty
8  Corpse
9  Event
10-11  Room Feature
12 Roll 2x

Adventure of the Randomly Rolled Dungeon
    This adventure was randomly rolled with the table above.  Why?  Because I have nothing else to do on a Saturday night when Ivy is the middle of a coupon frenzy.  I'm using the Blood & Treasure RPG for the system.  Now your probably wondering how I drew such an amazing map and did all the artwork in a single night.  Well it wasn't easy.  My secret, ice tea.  Now back to our not so normal program. 

1. (rolled 12 - roll 2x) (rolled 4 - trap and 1 - creature)
     The players descend the stairs and at the bottom a giant beetle devours the lower half of some poor smuck.  By the look of his tattered pants you and shitty shoes it is easy to deduct he must have been a henchmen.  The beetle's eyes glow red as it stops eating and scurries towards the players.  Fire Beetle (HD: 1, HP: 5, AC: 16, Dam: 2d4 (bite), MV: 30)
     There is a backpack deeper into the recess of area 1.  It was carried by poor Gilly Rumbutter whose plump body has been devoured by the beetle.  Only his stubby little legs remain.  Being a careful sot, with his possessions, not where he went, Gilly trapped his backpack with a powder.  If someone opens the pack without being careful a small packet of powder will erupt into the victim's face blinding him or her for an hour.  Inside the backpack are 6 torches, mallet, 4 iron spikes, 14 days of iron rations and a pint of hard cider.

2. (rolled 3 - creature)
     There is a mound in the center of this room with several large larva eggs.  They are round enough for a human to hug and tall enough to touch a the knee.  Nearly half look to have been broken.  The whole larva pulsate with a mild warmth.  
     Once the players enter the room or investigate the cavern ceiling they will see the movement above.  The beetles above are silent except when they attack.  They will release a loud whistling and click noise.  This allows them to perform basic strategic maneuvers.  These bombardier beetles will begin their attacks by releasing a acidic vapor from their back ends (1d6 damage, Fort save nullifies damage) then descend and engage.  3 Bombardier Beetles (HD: 2, HP: 10 each,  AC: 16, Dam: 1d4 (bite), 1d6 (acid spray), MV: 30) 
3. (rolled 9 - event)
     When the players enter the area the ground will shake and chunks from overhead will fall (make Reflex save or suffer 1d4 damage).  Once the earthquake passes there will be cracks above along with debris on the floor reducing move to half.
     The top eastern passageway was sealed long ago.  Should the players decide to excavate the tunnel they will find three dead goblin corpses with picks still in their hand. 

4. (rolled 11 - room feature)
     This room looks to have once been a grand setting, but the recent earthquakes has nearly buried it.  The floor is covered with a white limestone.  Each stone seems to have been shaved perfectly to fit with the rest.  And upon each tile of limestone is a small etching depicting the everyday life of a goblin.  
     If the players decide they want to give digging a go roll a d12 every so often ignoring all rolls except a 9 which will cause another earthquake.  If they can avoid another earthquake they can dig to the south and find The Chair of The Verge.  The Verge is a not so famous chieftain who liked fancy chairs.  The chair is broken, but it is decorated with over 100 cheap gems (each not worth more that 1 or 2sp).  The tiles are the real treasure.  Each tile can be sold at market for at least 10-20 sp.  Each stone weights 10lbs.  

     Who knows.  It's late here and I'm sleepy and the dog keeps biting my foot.  No I don't have a picture of that.


  1. I like the simplicity of the table and the map had me looking at it a long time, in a very good way. I also love room 4, for just being there, as is. I use seismic effects a lot, but they do seem overlooked. Nature, space and time can be challenges in themselves. Bringing the beetles in reminded me of Jedediah's excellent series on taking creepy-crawlies as inspiration.

  2. Very useful! I also like the "THE END." More blogposts should have that.