Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Quick Ramble

First off, thank you to my wife for providing me with one of my highest, if not the highest, page-view day in the history of my blog by putting hearts on it.  That was an unexpected bonus.  And she got me creepy butterfly stamps so all is good.  Although I do wonder about the focus of this blog now since hearts and butterflies seem to be everywhere...


Congrats to Hannah and the finding of her Kickstarter Tavern Cards.  I was worried there for a while, but in the last hours she flew by the goal with plenty to spare.

Sales of Manor #3 are a little slower than that of Manor #2, but still not bad.  I always think its pretty cool when someone comes by and buys the whole back catalog.  I've already got ideas for issue #4 and some pieces in place.  I'll be getting a few pieces from friends to help out.  With this help I'm hoping to get out the 4th issue in a timely manner (I could have so done a pun there, but I didn't.  I resisted.)

LotFP's kickstarter is doing well.  I'm contributing PDFs to it.  I think its a good idea to get some old school material into the Free RPG Day.  When I first came back to old school gaming Free RPG Day helped nudge that process along.  SO I hope it hits its primary goal to get as much into those boxes as possible.

That's about it.  I'll soon be running a playtest for a campaign starter adventure and looking for a few players.  Probably around four or five.  I think I have two or three slots filled.  I'm still reading over the material and should be running it next week.

Okay, time for work.  Enjoy the day cause mine is gonna suck.


  1. Apparently some butterflies eat rotting flesh. How's about that for a nasty surprise.

  2. Try and have a better day and keep your dice dry, Tim.