Saturday, February 9, 2013

Guess What I've Been Doing This Morning.

Printed text, printed covers, assembled, addressed, filled envelops, stapling and postage.  It's been an assembly line this morning.  It's been good.  Except when Ivy read my introduction and found two or three typos I failed to fix.  They are now fixed, but some of the issues will still have them.

I'm finished with my store site, GM Games.  I decided I needed to make it primarily for purchasing and use Gothridge Manor for updates and announcements.  I made buttons for the right side for quick searches.  Not that I have enough to get lost in, but if you want an adventure, copies of The Manor or see what free stuff I have available just select the appropriate button.

Postage has been a slight pain in the ass.  The post did not have the new 66 cent stamps yet so I'll be standing at the machine printing each one individually.  I guess I'll get some quality time at the post office.  My problem is I get bored and start pushing buttons to see what they do.  It never ends well when I do that.  


  1. So you made regular issues and the rare, collectible typo issues?

  2. Hmm, I like that better. Let's go with that.

  3. Save a print copy for me Tim. I'll be buying one next pay day in just over a week's time. :-)

  4. Tim...I can't help myself. I'm clicking the Paypal button like it's an elevator down button and I've been waiting for the car for 15 minutes! It's a sickness! Save me!

    Actually, the "pushing buttons to see what they do" reminded me of Paranoia for some reason....

    "Citizen! Pushing too many buttons is above your security level and is treason! Please report for immediate termination!"

  5. Can't wait to see if I got a collectible one! I'll get some plastic casing ready, just in case.