Saturday, February 9, 2013

An Experiment of the Paper Kind

Went to Staples after shipping out issues of the Manor.  I've been wanting to try a different grade of paper.  Staples has been doing a ton of buy this ream of paper and you get it free with a rebate.  So I've been stocking up on paper.  I've got 26 reams of paper sitting on my shelves and in boxes.  I'm stocked for a while.  The normal grade multipurpose paper is 20 weight with a 92 whiteness.

 I wanted to see what an upgrade in paper would look and feel like.  My office received one of their orders and by mistake received a ream of 24 weight paper.  I'm at the copier machine rubbing it with my fingers like some office supply pervert thinking this feels really good.  *told ya*

The cost for a single ream of this type of paper is 8 bucks.  Twice as much as normal paper.  And a lot more expensive than free paper.  But I wanted to check it out.  Oh, and I got Sharpie pens.  After hearing Matt Jackson singing their praises I thought I would buy a pack and give them a try. 

And at the post office I only pushed one button I shouldn't have.  Well, two, but nothing happened bad on the second push.


  1. Husband: Yes, it's a lot cheaper than FREE paper, that we got with coupons.

    Matt: These are nice pens. When I get a coupon or sale, I'll have to try the colored ones.

    They write so smooth.

    Thanks :-)

    1. Awesome! I love the pens, I actually have the red, blue, and green ones as well...but I like plain old black the best.

      Can't wait to see Wyatt you come up with Tim.

  2. Hey now, I had a just wasn't for the paper or for the pens I bought. In fact I think they are still in my coat.

  3. "I'm at the copier machine rubbing it with my fingers like some office supply pervert thinking this feels really good."

    Heh, I know the feeling, scoping out manila folders, labels, whatever looks promising for some DIY cobbling-together

  4. Those ARE great pens. I love 'em myself and have a bunch in the pen cup at my office.

    And it's good to know, Tim, that I'm not the only one that "feels the paper." I love good paper.

    Let me rephrase that.

    I LOVE good paper.

  5. I often find myself drawn to office supply stores and departments. I try to avoid the fondling of products. That would not be a good thing to see in a newspaper police report.