Sunday, February 10, 2013


Recently I was contacted by Greg Christopher and he asked if I would playtest an adventure he created.  Absolutely.  I'm always interested to see what others are up to.  I received his file and now I have to find some people.

I'm curious as to who would be interested.  I don't have a time or date set as of yet, but I think it'll be a Wednesday, starting sharp at 6:30pm EST sometime later this month.  I still need to read through it and make notes.  I'll use the Roll20 tabletop.  While I'm not well versed with Roll20, my Fantasy Grounds has been giving me problems.

If it sounds cool to you and you're interested, leave a comment. 


  1. "so wee"?

    eww! heh

    i'd jump in, but I suspect I was a proof reader / early playtester ;)

  2. I saw that Erik. I should add that in. If your name is on the credits ya can't join.

    Ken, sounds good.

  3. Actually, I do believe I ran it ;)

  4. Wish I could. Have fun for me in absentia won't you?