Sunday, February 24, 2013

What To Do With All These Dice

Look at all these dice all over my table.  I sure wish I had something to put them.

I wonder is I look around the house if I can find a home for my dice.

Hmm, I have a paper bag, but what if it rains.  It will tear and my dice will fall out into the mud.

I have a plastic bag so that would stop the rain, but it could tear and all my dice would be lost.

I have a tea bag, but that is just weird.  And I don;t think Ivy would like me tea bagging my dice.

I have a classic Crown Royal bag, but its way to small.  I wonder what I can do to find to the perfect home for my dice....

I know.  I'll contact Michael who runs Greyed Out on Etsy.  He makes some great dice bags.  I know he has a Bad Moon orc dice bag I've been looking at for a while.  I'll go order one now.

{4 days pass}

Look what came in the mail today.  My brand new Bad Moon orc dice bag from Greyed Out.  Even all my dice love it.  They are surrounding it ready to move in.

My dice can't wait.  They are jumping in as fast as they can.

It got a little violent.  The d6s started ganging up against the d12s.  The d30 had to start policing the move.  

Everybody is moved in and there is plenty of room to spare.  My dice are very happy and so am I.

So end the quest to find a home for my dice.  Greyed Out has a lot of cool designs and Michael will do custom orders.  I wanted my Bad moon Orc to be free standing and wa la, Michael made it happen.  I'm very happy with the finished product.  The dice bags prices range from $16 to $24, but most are at the lower end.  Thank you Michael for doing a great job.  I'll be back for more.


  1. That's a monster of a dice bag! Good buy!

  2. I meant to add that I keep mine in a selection of smaller bags (chain mail, leopard print velour, suede, leather, small treasure chests, zip up tins and on my computer desk a six inch square pottery box which makes a great sound when you drop more dice in. I have too many dice... And don't get me started on figures.

  3. Dice don't belong in bags. They belong strewn about the house in awkward (and sometimes painful) places.

    Freedom for Dice! FREEEEDOOMMMMMM!

  4. In honor of the day of the week, Tim, you should think of making a Pylon matrix table or two out of these dice.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! I have been dispirited about the state of my dice storage. Just ordered one!

  6. @ Alan: you can never have too many dice.

    And Tim: Thanks for the link. Now I just have to figure out how to get one without my wife blaming you for the purchase. (grin)

  7. Nice! Been looking at these for a while now, I think I will jump on the bandwagon and get one. I need to look like one of the cool kids at GenCon, this year I will not be able to claim I am a con virgin and get away with looking like a fool! :)

  8. That's very cool but why not a sleestak bag!