Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Made a Bad Bet, but Got a Great Zine

So I cruise on over to Wizards Mutants Lazer Pistols and for some reason I thought it would be fun to challenge Alex to a contest, who could get issue #4 out.  First one who does gets a free zine from the other guy.  I think it was the next day Alex released Issue #4 of Wizards Mutants and Lazer Pistols.  Within 24hrs I lost the bet.  I never had a chance.  I am glad to see issue #4 WMLP out and will happily send issue #4 of the Manor (getting my Deadwood gravel voice going) to Alex.

I've linked the page above.  If you just like buying zines go click and I'll wait till you get back......

On to the review.

I have all 4 issues of WMLP and I will not pretend this is a critical overview.  This will be a fan perspective.  There is something about WMPL that makes me feel like building a fort in the woods, grab a flashlight and sneak out some Pop Tarts and read my issue there.

Yeah, it's that cool.

WMLP is a full sized paper.  They don't need no stinking long armed staplers.  Full page, double sided print, carstock covers.  It's 20 pages long.  Oh and before I forget, if you haven't clicked the link, here it is again if you're too lazy to scroll back up...link for lazy people.  He is giving away a homemade gelatinous cube absorbing a zombie figurine to one of the lucky people who order the zine before the end of the month.  If that won't do it for you then you are reading the wrong blog.  That is almost as cool as a sleestak.  Not quite, but damn near.

Content.  There is a lot of variety in the content.  All of its very fun and accompanied by an amateurish style art that I love.  I dunno, when I look at it I can see myself doodling these pictures.  It's honest.  It's fun.  Included are monsters, a City-State, an adventure, a class, magic items and one of my favorite things a crossword puzzle based on Lord of the Rings.  Alex knows I like those puzzles and quizzes he adds. 

Seriously though this is a good zine.  Clean, useful, easy to read and what I've said a few times already, the essence of fun.  WMLP reminds me of how I felt when I first got into gaming.  It's a good trip.  Now go buy a copy.  I have to finish my forth issue so I can send it off to Alex.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Tim! Bob really came through this issue, providing us with another great puzzle AND the completely unexpected, and really cool Gelatinous Cube Giveaway (only problem: I can't win it. Booo!).