Thursday, February 14, 2013

Solo Gaming & a Review of #3

Danjou's Hand writes for the blog Tabletop Diversions.  I always enjoy his reviews because he comes at them from a unique point of view (for me) as a solo gamer.  There are tons of different ways to write an adventure and how to deliver the information.  I like the different way Danjou comes at the adventures.  It's got me thinking more about solo adventures.  I know Tunnels & Trolls has a good selection of solo adventures, but I think they are more like a choose your own adventure. 

I confess to be ignorant of the various systems and ways one can do solo adventures, but its something that's interested me.  He mentions Mythic, a system I know nothing about, but I look on RPGNow and its a Platinum seller.  Apparently its not a secret. 

Donjou's Hand has done a review of Manor issue #3.  He goes into detail about his experience with running the adventure solo.  I apparently make tough, low level adventures.  I know I do.  I guess I like to write them how I play them.  Anyways, please head over to Tabletop Diversion and check out the review and his blog.  I think he's convinced me to give Mythic a go.


  1. The solo adventure sections of Mythic are lifted out and made generic for use with other games in Mythic Game Master Emulator, so keep that in mind. There's also a supplement that is useful called Mythic Variations that expands the ideas to cover some other areas.

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  3. Also, you can get print copies at, which is how I got them (though I have the pdf of Mythic GME, too, to make the form that is useful for the system easier to print out).

  4. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the mention!

    I should have specified that I use Mythic GME, and in this situation, specifically, I used the Fate chart. Mythic GME is great for playing solo in the absence of a GM (or players depending on how you use it), but I'm not sure how it would function when writing a solo for others.

    You're correct about T & T solitaires. They are paragraph based, although often you use the T & T mechanics to handle skills tests, combat, etc., the results of which send you to different paragraphs.

    There's a freebie on DriveThruRpg with a lite version of the 5th ed rules and the Goblin Lake adventure. Roll up a lot of characters before hand; you'll go through them like water.

    A variation on the paragraph mechanism is used by Chronicles of Arax (also on DriveThruRpg and free) and a one-page game called H.E.X. ( The latter is pretty abstract, but a fun diversion none the less.

    Also, I want to clarify that I wasn't complaining that your adventure was tough, just an observation. I'm a firm believer that PCs need to earn their way to higher levels, and that means only a few will ever live that long.

    I'll update the review to make sure that's clear.



  5. I didn't think you were complaining at all. I know some people mentioned that KI was a touch low level dungeon. I may have to tweak future low level crawls just a bit. Fine tune it so to speak. I very much appreciate the time you took to interview it. And thanks for all the info about solo gaming. I just need to do little more research and with your help made it a lot easier. Thanks.