Thursday, September 26, 2013

1st Hex Completed

I final finished detailing my first hex.  It took longer than expected.  I lost the work I'd done on the map twice.  Once because the program I was using crashed and the second time the electric went out.  So the first map hex is done, I'll have smaller detail maps to do, but now that I know the layout I can get more serious with the write ups.  Especially the background/history and the way the villages/towns/critters interact. 

The starting village is complete.  The players will start there and I'll have the area developed enough that they can do some true sandbox exploration.  I'll develop random tables and I already have a stack of maps to use for dungeon or ruin adventuring.  I've marked where 'set' encounters will be, but there is a lot of room for other things and places to be added.  And that's the fun of this exercise.  The map that I have now will be completely different when its over.

What I am doing different this time it creating more specialized classes.  It's more work, but I am enjoying the process because its something I never did before.  I will ask the players what kind of guys they want to play then create their characters based around the concept.  Like the Majestic Wilderlands, I plan on using a simplified skill system in addition.  So any class can pick a lock, but a class who specializes in it of course will be better at it.

The one thing I am struggling with is the magic system.  Both the arcane and clerical sides.  Originally I wanted to do a spell point based system, but the more I get into the development that idea causes more problems.  For the clerical side I've got a gob of gods that aren't very interested in devotion.  People make offerings out of fear to avoid notice and retribution. 

My general concept of the world is a cross between the Thieves World series/game, Conan, Cthulhu and a touch of Pendragon sprinkled in.  I'll send out invites to players within the next couple of weeks and ask for character concepts.  I believe I'll be running on Google Hangouts using the Roll d20 VTT.  Seems easier for most folks and for some reason Fantasy Grounds has been very buggy lately.

Late for work.  Very late.  But I haven't posted in a while because of work.  So its only fair. 

Is it Friday yet?!?! 


  1. I want to play a thief.

  2. Sounding good, Tim, and no, dear friend, it is not Friday . . . yet.


  3. Playing with spell points, rather than memorized spells, I always find the problem comes from the PC using the same go to spells, i.e. "I need big damage." Have you considered the variant where you mix the systems to make memorized spells cheaper, and unassigned ones more expensive? This allows you to adjust the free magic available.

  4. Sounding very cool, Tim! I'd definitely go for a fighter-type (any flavor really, just so long as he gets to hit things in melee).

    And yes, now if finally is Friday. My question is: is it 4:00 yet?

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