Wednesday, September 11, 2013

GM Games Surpasses 1000 Sales

I saw someone did a post a while ago announcing the total number of sales they've had and I thought I should count up my sales just to see where I'm at.  This is what I found out.

Knowledge Illuminates: 377
Manor #1: 290
Manor #2: 207
Manor #3: 113
Manor #4: 60
Where is Margesh Blackblood?: 5

Total Sales:  1052 as of End of Sales Report for August 2013.

I am the most surprised at this.  I know when I first started I spoke to my friend +Rob Conley and thought if I could sell 25 copies of Knowledge Illuminates I would be happy.  If I sold 50 I was be thrilled.  Rob said I would sell a 100.  I have no idea in the realm of gaming whether this is a good thing or not so good.  But I can't imagine 1000 being bad.

I had a horrible expectation of failure.  I expected to make something and no one would notice.  I got lucky with the help of some reviews and mentions from some great bloggers out there.  No way I would have done as well without their help.  Thanks to those who took the time and did a review or posted a play session.  It's been very cool and I plan to continue making a few gaming products and encouraging others to do likewise.