Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All Right, I'll Bite - 30 Day Challenge Catch Up

Many folks are doing that 30-day gamer blog thingy.  I wasn't going to do it, but decided why not.  I cannot guarantee my answers will be serious or even truthful all you can really hope for is that they will be short. 

I'm behind so I'll do a bit of catching up.

Day 1: The Beginning
1 In the beginning there were no dice other than the one.  We did not need to differentiate the sides. There was but one die and it had six sides. 2 Awash in boards and cups, popping bubbles and cards there was no game that required imagination.  One only need to follow directions.  3 There was only one way to play. 4 In the harsh winter of '79 a game with no board arrived.  Only the scarcest of instructions were given.  Confused.  Intrigued.  We played. 5 Dice were taken from Yatzee, Monopoly, Payday and Clue.  Games now abandon.  Diceless. 6 We struggled to make sense of these Borderlands.  What was an orc?  7 Dice were rolled to celebrate our imagination.  Instructions were not needed.  We created them. 8 We used our imagination. 9 There was much laughter.

Day 2: To Be Human?
1 What strange races stand before us?  All standing waiting to be chosen. 2 Elves too delicate.  Too precious.  3 Halflings too short.  Too hungry.  4 Gnomes too silly.  Too useless.  5 Half-orc too ugly.  Too unknown.  6 Half-elf too confused.  Too desperate.  7 Humans just right. 

Day 3: Blood for Blood
1 Upon the first creation there was a man.  He bore armor.  He bore spear.  He hungered for war.
2 Weapons a delicacy.   Armor a justification for rage.  3 There will be no blessings.  4 There will be no witchcraft.  5 There will be no deception.  6 Enemies will be faced and destroyed.  7 Worlds will be conquered as you look into their weeping eyes.  8 With sharpened blade a rift of possibility spills before your feet. 9 Blood calls out for the brave.

Day 4: Upon the Cobblestones
1 The great gates of City-State swallow the crowds.  2 Upon cobblestones history walks with beggar, merchant and Overlord.  3 Voices thicken the air.  Smells of shops of every kind.  4 Secrets upon secrets out number all the stones upon we walk and within the walls that protect.  5 It is here that I feel at home among the crowds of strangers.  6 It is here I go to the Seahawk Tavern and rest between adventures.  7 City-State, my home. 


  1. I get it and like it -- should I be scared?

  2. Very nice creation-myth - to be recommended!

  3. Good work! No worries...when it comes to day 15 - 20 I have other plans than listing my favorite aberration, undead, etc.