Friday, September 13, 2013

No Friday Question About Encumbrance

I had one, but Tenkar asked it before I got to.  It's an encumbrance question.  I've never used it in the past, but considering using a simplified system.  I'm favoring Neoclassical Geek Revival's system by the Mighty Zzarchov.  He's got a dot system that I think may work well. 

If anyone has ideas of a simple system please comment and or send me a link.  Thanks and have a great Friday.  Weekend is almost here.


  1. Go with your gut instinct, unless it changes its mind. Then ignore your gut and go with my system.

  2. I ignore encumbrance. My reasoning is that, as heroes, they probably have a small army of entourage and teamsters hauling all the crap they're not using right this second. Like roadies. There but not seen.

    Edited due to so many typos it embarassed me.

  3. Lamentation of the Flame Princess seems to have the most universally praised encumbrance system. I read it and I have to agreed that it is pretty easy to use and fits what one would expect from carrying too much stuff.

  4. The two that interest me currently are the ones for LotFP and the one outlined by The Alexandrian, Encumbrance by Stone, that was adapted for ACKS.

  5. I just generously eye-ball it, and give fair warning when I think they're headed toward getting overloaded. By "fair warning" I mean I let them know well in advance before any penalty of any sort would apply.

    That said, one candidate set of rules I'm looking at for the future, Tombs and Terrors actually has an encumbrance effect on AC, which makes encumbrance much more meaningful. If I were to use that set of rules, I would definitely track encumbrance.

    Of course, I'd also simplify tracking by planting more gems and jewelry as treasure, rather than coins. Which would make treasure encumbrance largely a non-issue. Once you've calculated your gear encumbrance, you pretty much wouldn't need to bother with calculations as you pick up loot, since the loot isn't cumbersome.

  6. I also like the LotFP as already advocated. But, I also say that is the PC's responsibility and when they are not expecting it - I launch an inspection which can be very entertaining...