Sunday, September 8, 2013

30 Day Challenge Catch-Up Post: Days 5 - 8

Okay let's see what these next few questions bring.

Day 5: Favorite Dice or Die
This one is easy.  I have a d20 I call Whimpy that was part of the original set of dice I bought in '79.  In fact, I wrote my second overall post here at the Manor back in April of '09.  If you're so inclined, here is the link to Meet Whimpy. The Magic d20.

Day 6: Favorite Diety
Hmm, this is a tough one.  Back when I was a preadolescence Loviatar was always a favorite to slap on a change alignment helm and make her a wife.  I guess I would have to pick one of mine.  On that is used often.  Actually it is two.  Delaquain and Sarrath.  Two side of the same coin.  Both gods of battle, but both have to very different approaches.  Plus, they add a instant us against them element to a campaign.

Day 7: Favorite Addition
AD&D is the main one I played.  Basic never made much sense to me with their race as class.  To me that just sterilizes the races down to a drop of boring.  Why bother to have a different race if you don't flesh it out.  Before I knew there were different editions I was off playing GURPS (2nd edition) and didn't come back to a d20 game until after OSRIC came out.

Day 8: Favorite Character
 I've had a lot of cool characters that I've enjoyed, but Draco-Lindus stands out the most.  I'm not going to bore you with details, but he started as a mercenary on a slave boat and ended up as a Duke of City-State/Champion of a God/more titles I can't remember.  What he did with the assistance of Dwayne's William Endril still echoes in Rob's Majestic Wilderlands campaign. 

Alright, that's it.  Done and done.  My Steelers lost.  So I'm headed to the bookstore to cry myself into one of those expensive coffee drinks that don't taste like coffee. 

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