Sunday, September 1, 2013

GM Games Sales Report for August

At the end of July I released the 4th issue of the Manor (PDF & Print) and shortly after I offered a bundle package of all four Manors on RPGNow and a bundle print option.  In August I reformatted and released a one-page dungeon, Where is Margesh Blackblood?  I offered it as a free download, but also with the Pay What You Want Option.  If someone throws a few pennies into my tin cup then it goes to buying other gaming products. 

It was a steady month for sales, most of which came at the beginning of August.  I divide the sales by print and PDF.  This month saw a big old goose egg over at Lulu.  No sales at all.  Lulu only nets me a few sales each month, but I think this is because I have no print options theret.  I know I go to Lulu for print products. 

I'm adding the free products in the report along with the Pay What You Want products.  Free download numbers are in red.  The products are listed in chronological order.

Knowledge Illuminates: released February 16th, 2011, print version released October 29th, 2012
PDF: 4 (10)   Print: 0   Total Sales: 377 (96)

The Manor, Issue #1: released May 5th, 2012
PDF: 7   Print: 3   Total Sales: 290

The Manor, Issue #2: released July 4th, 2012
PDF: 7   Print: 3   Total Sales: 207

Cave of Seiljua: released September 9th, 2012
PDF: (98)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (458)

The Manor, Issue #3: released released February 7th, 2013
PDF: 6   Print: 5   Total Sales: 113

Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams: released April 19th, 2013
PDF:  (18)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (237)

The Manor, Issue #4: released July 28th, 2013
PDF: 9   Print: 10   Total Sales: 60

Where is Margesh Blackblood?: released August 12th, 2013
PDF: 5 (104)   Print: N/A   Total Sales:  5 (104)

Total Sale for August 2013
PDF: 38 (230)   Print: 21   Total Sales: 59 (230)

A good month for sales overall.  When I started doing the list with all the free and PWYW products included I didn't feel too bad.  I am a slow poke and get distracted by shiny things easily and often feel I should be working harder.  After looking at the list over the past couple years I don't feel too bad.  I'm hoping to get two more releases this year.  Another issue of The Manor and another product I've been working on for a while and hope to have an announcement soon.


  1. Looks good. It is cool to see the list of publications grow.

    I guess I owe you some stuff.

  2. Hi Tim, As a subscriber to the Manor I think that the best article so far was the wilderness random encounters you made. - Please consider another one for Urban Random Encounters. THe ideas made them very ripe for enhancement. But please always provide a 'print' option as I am sure there are plenty of 'oldies' like me who prefer to have the material prepared and printed to hold and read in their greasy hands rather than this new fangled PDF thingystuff... Regards Steve Black

  3. Nice post, great blog, following :)