Saturday, November 23, 2013

Manor #5 for Sale

Well, the printer is churning out issues #5 of The Manor.  Ordering a shiny new print version is only a button smash away.  Here's the link to to get one of those paper miracles from above.  

You can find the PDF version of Manor #5 at RPGNow.

If you are wondering why there are two covers here's why...The gray card stock is a 110lb.  It's almost a board.  While last night my printer had no problem with it, this morning it gave me attitude.  Lots of it.  So I switch to a 65lb card stock, that's the tonal brown one, and it has gotten along with my printer.  I'm all about peace with technology because those are battle I can never win.  


  1. On my way over to RPGNow to pick up a copy


    1. Thanks Ian. Please let me know how it goes. You'll be the first.

  2. Can't wait to see this in my mail box.

  3. Sweet - ordered!!!