Sunday, February 9, 2014

Convention Game Study and a Giveaway

Dylan Hartwell over at his Digital Orc blog would like to do a study for games you've experience at conventions.  He only wishes you to answer one question...
What are some of your favorite convention games in which you have played?  Describe them in as much detail as possible.
I think this should be very interesting study.  I'm not exactly sure what Dylan is looking for and I think he is being purposely vague as not to skew the answers.  He's talking about doing spreadsheets, algorithms and DNA scans.  Well, he was talking about doing spreadsheets.  He did not specify whether if it had to be a face-to-face con, so if you had a great game during an on-line con please take a few moments to answer in the comment section.

As an incentive to those who participate, I'll be giving away a PDF of my newest game book that I'll announce later in the week to a random participant.  So if you have the time, give some details on what your favorite con game and why.


  1. Well, I've attended one convention and played exactly one game (a session of Old School Hack run by it's creator), so I don't know that I have a lot to contribute here.

  2. I've only attended one as well, but I played in four different games. My favorite was a B/X game run by David Cook (yes, THE David "Zeb" Cook). Several factors made it fun:

    1) No Pregens. We all rolled up our characters fresh.
    2) David took notes about our characters' backgrounds, which we had to make up on the fly, and then incorporated them into the adventure.
    3) The group took it serious enough to enjoy it as an RP experience, but was light-hearted enough to make it fun.
    4) It was run by David-freakin'-Cook, man! He also autographed my Expert Rulebook. I geeked.