Friday, February 21, 2014

Art on the Wall

A while back Jay Penn sent me the original picture he did for the 5th Manor.  I also bought some of his pictures during his art sale.  I found a couple of frames I liked.  They were in pretty rough shape.  Got them cleaned and polished.  I used some black cover stock as the matting for the background.  I thought it turned out pretty good.

While the art looks great my photos don't do them justice.  But I am happy to start my gaming art collection with these.


  1. You need to frame your "The Manor" issues as well. They are truly something to be proud of.

    1. Thanks Jason, yeah I have versions of them hung up, but just simple printed out thumb tacked. I need to find some more frames.

  2. Great stuff for you office/study. Super cool!

  3. you will find some good art stuff with the #UrbanHeroes Kickstarter project...available from March!