Saturday, February 1, 2014

GM Games Sales Report: January 2014

 Nothing new released this month at GM Games.  Still manages to squeak in a few sales.  It's amazing how a new release can sell products in your back catalog.  I've been playing around with laminated maps, note card sized, mainly for my own amusement.  Issue #6 of the Manor is halfway done with the aide of +matt jackson's contribution.  I've got a few pieces pending and need to figure out what I need for art and find someone to art it.  

Upcoming projects.  I'm planning on releasing a Compendium of the first 5 issues of the Manor.  I've got +Johnathan Bingham on the hook to do the cover.  He and his wife Daisy do some incredible covers for others I though I'd shoulder my into the fray.  I think it will be cool to have a hardback version of the Manors.  Even if I'm the only one who snags a copy.  I plan to go through the all the Manors, clean up some of the typos that slipped through and possibly add a few pieces.  I'll be releasing it on RPGNow and Lulu. 

The other project has been a long standing project I've had on the back burner for too long.  This project is the capable hands of +Tim Snider who is probably slashing away at my prose with more glee than Joffrey Baratheon smothering his first kitten.  All the art is done, +Jason Sholtis and +John Larrey have went above and beyond on this one.  And +Rob Conley added his artistic flare for maps.  I'm not ready to announce it yet, because I don't want to jinx it.  So I'm staying hush until I have went through the final edits and figured out how the whole POD thing works.

Onto the numbers.  Thanks for the interest and those of you who were brave enough to buy one or more products of mine.
January 2014
Knowledge Illuminates: released February 16th, 2011, print version released October 29th, 2012
PDF: 0 (16)   Print: 0   Total Sales: 399 (189)

The Manor, Issue #1: released May 5th, 2012
PDF: 1   Print: 1   Total Sales: 321

The Manor, Issue #2: released July 4th, 2012
PDF: 1   Print: 1   Total Sales: 238

Cave of Seiljua: released September 9th, 2012
PDF: (12)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (533)
The Manor, Issue #3: released released February 7th, 2013
PDF: 1   Print: 1   Total Sales: 144

Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams: released April 19th, 2013
PDF:  (7)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: (264)

The Manor, Issue #4: released July 28th, 2013
PDF: 1   Print: 1   Total Sales: 92
Where is Margesh Blackblood?: released August 12th, 2013
PDF: 0 (11)   Print: N/A   Total Sales: 14 (178)

The Manor, Issue #5: released November 21st, 2013
PDF: 1   Print: 2   Total Sales: 76

Execution Corner: released December 15th, 2013
PDF: 5 (9)  Print: N/A  Total Sales: 22 (103)
Total Sales for January 2014
PDF: 10 (55)   Print: 6   Total Sales: 16 (55)


  1. Glad to see things are still moving along for you. I'll be talking about issue #3 shortly. :D

  2. "I'm not ready to announce it yet, because I don't want to jinx it."

    Consider me intrigued!

  3. Did you know that Joe Biel reviewed issues 1-3 in Xerography Debt #34 (A zine review zine.) It's available now though Microcosm: it's pretty glowing.

  4. I am getting my stuff together for Manor 6

  5. I'm thinking my last response got eaten by Google. Hmm.

    Put me down for a hardcopy of the Manor. I'm ALL over that.

    And, like Ken, I'm sorting through stuff in my brain to toss over to you for Manor #6. (Only because I've tired of your harassment, Sirrah, and I have no wish to bother my solicitor.) {grin}