Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Magic Item

Reading all these magic items for the OSR Superstar contest got my juices going.  The urge to create my own magic items was beset upon me.  I'm not sure if I'm using  beset correctly, but I'm feeling beset.  Anyway, this magic item comes from the game I ran the other week.  It's a variation of an oldie but a goodie. 

Ring of Holding
This ring acts like its big brother the Bag of Holding.  Actually they aren't related, but most get confused since they have the same last name.  The Ring of Holding has the capacity to hold very small thin items that weight less than a pound.  The players accidentally found a rolled up map in ring they found. 

These rings were often used to transport important documents in the old kingdoms, but as the rings aged they became more unreliable.  At times, what was placed within could not be retrieved, as if it were stuck.  Or if the person wearing the ring was jarred or fell, whatever was hiding within would pop or peek out of the ring.


  1. "I was beset by the urge to create my own magic items."

  2. I like this, seems like it would be a very good thing to keep secret recipes in, such as the recipe for Dwarven Holy Water, we'd all be screwed if that one got out. Lol.

  3. I love magic items that aren't massively powerful but which have character. I almost entered Tenkar's contest but it was S&W and I just don't swing that way.

  4. Heh, I just entered my 1e magic items anyway. Figured they were close enough.

    I actually had a magic item like that in a game, except it was an earring of holding. Used for concealing small objects like a dagger or lock picks. (Got the idea from a book, Dener's Wreck by Lawrence Watt-Evans)

  5. How does one insert the articles into the ring for storage? Just curious how you see it working.

    And for the record, "mundane" magic items are my favorite. They add allot of character to a game without overpowering the characters.

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  7. I like it. The DEA might not be as enthusiastic.

  8. It was a pretty cool little item.