Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mail Call, Tavern Cards Are in My Grasp

Today when I went to the PO Box and inside was a yellow ticket.  That means they have a package for me.  So I go to the desk and I trade my yellow ticket for a package.  I really like seeing yellow tickets in my box.  I get my package and I open it up and what do I see???


I went for the six deck option.  Oh yeah.  +Hannah Lipsky came through in a big way.  I really like the final product.

This is what they look like spread out in a neat line.  Lots of color.  Bold pictures.  And fun way to instantly develop a tavern.

Here's what they look like messy.  I like the messy look better.  It shows off the colors and some of the art.  Each card has a verb or adjective on left side and a noun on the right.  So you can pull two cards and get tavern names like....Violet Stableboy....The Charming Harlot....The Jumping Rogue.  Then each card depicts something about the tavern.  A few examples are...minstrel...gaming game....free round of drinks.  So with a few cards you got yourself a playable tavern.

On more serious news.  +Erik Tenkar is a bad person.  Don't be fooled by his giveaways and his contests.  It's all a cover.  The man is malicious.  He used his powers of persuasion and lured me into the evil grasp of another Kickstarter.  I just get one in the win column and "he pulls me right back in".  I've joined the ranks of the Scarlet Heroes Kickstarter.  +Kevin Crawford is about as solid as they come.  And I think he's running this Kickstarter intelligently.  Plus he knows how to write a kickass game.

Oh, but wait.  I'm not quite done.  I snuck in something else...I bought a copy of Torchbearer RPG.

I bought it off eBay so I will wait for another one of those yellow tickets to appear in my post office box.  I'm not sure why I was fascinated by this one, but I was and found it for a decent price. 

Time to go deal out a few taverns.


  1. Man you got a problem, you need to go to Betty Ford!

    1. Don't be fooled by the name "Tim Shorts." He is Betty Ford.

  2. My cards arrived yesterday...three decks.

  3. two decks here

    Tim, I'll be using Scarlet Heroes to introduce Rachel to RPGs (alright, reintroduce, as I used T&T when we were courting, but I think this will work better)

  4. Forget Betty Ford... Betty White is more fun!